Environmental Responsibility Public Welfare
Troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers

The company promotes the rectification of major hidden dangers in safety and environmental protection in the form of project management, and clarifies project goals and responsibilities. This year, Transfar Chemical has identified 9 key rectification projects, invested a total of more than 3 million yuan in special rectification funds, and thoroughly improved major hidden dangers in terms of hardware facilities. At the same time, taking the opportunity of a large number of technological transformations in the company, the safety and environmental protection department and factories in various districts organized safety and environmental protection seminars or research meetings to solve production safety problems encountered in a timely manner. Focus on technical transformation construction projects, all links in the use of hazardous chemicals (especially highly toxic drugs), and on-site safety and environmental supervision of new products (or new processes) in the production process. The company has established a safety and environmental protection supervision system, and carries out accountability and punishment for the problems found in the supervision. The Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection of the Chemical Industry organizes 2 to 3 inspections per month (including nighttime inspections) to strengthen daily supervision and management in the form of temporary surprise inspections.