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Sunshine student aid proposal

Building a Harmonious Society, Hand in Hand with Poor Students

Proposal for Sunshine Student Aid Activities


We are under the same blue sky and bathed in warm sunshine together.

We are in the same hot land, enjoying the sweet rain and dew together.

Nature and society have given us the same feelings, but life has given us different situations!

Colleagues, have you ever noticed that there are some children around us: because of poverty, they dropped out of school in tears; 

because of poverty, they provoked the burden of life early; Studying... 

We clearly see their expectant and helpless eyes, and we clearly hear the call of their young hearts: I want to study!

Let the warm current of love continue and have a long history, and let the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of accumulating virtue and doing good, 

helping the poor and helping the needy shine with the light of human kindness around us. 

Watering a drop of water can make flowers bloom, and offering a love heart can give direction to confused steps!

One of our acts of kindness can change a child's life. Maybe this child will grow up to be a scientist, maybe an engineer, maybe an entrepreneur...

and this is just the best reward for my love to you.

Transfar is a big warm family, which has provided a stage for many former impoverished children to display their talents. 

Let us join hands to let more impoverished children see hope and future!

100 volunteers!

100 yuan per person!

1 poor student every year!

1 As always, persist for 100 years!

let us start doing something:

One less street shopping!

Smoke less than 1 pack of cigarettes!

Get together for 1 less meal!

As long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. 

Let us start from a little bit, carry forward the love and warmth of Transfar, and make our life more meaningful!